Building a business model to support digital innovation, The Hogs Australia Chain are increasingly looking for quick, accessible and great cost effective options to keep up with their customer demand. That’s why their new Quick Service Restaurant aptly-titled ‘Hogs Express’ in the heart of Brisbane CBD is enhancing their operations with the latest in point of sale, including online and self-ordering kiosks.

Running a restaurant franchise business can be hard work no matter what type of product or service you sell. You’re putting your time, money and every ounce of energy you have behind not one site, but multiple, and it can sometimes feel very overwhelming, especially in the beginning. That’s why choosing the right Multi-Site Point of Sale (POS) system is crucial for the growth and success of your franchise business. Unlike a POS for independent restaurants, A Multi-site POS system offers an array of important features that can help take the time and money out of running multiple stores. Below are 4 Multi-Site POS features to help you and your franchise flourish.

Town & Country is the flexible, fun spirited brand that has been able to reinvent itself through a changing market year on year. Innovative products, quality ingredients and a smooth, efficient operation in each location means a professional experience is given with confidence time and time again.

In the new digital economy, restaurants owners are increasingly realising how integrated an Online Ordering system to their business. A ordering platform attached to the website not only enhances the customer experience but sets up the business for significant growth by directly affecting sales.

Here is a list of the top 7 advantages an Online Ordering System offers your restaurant;

An Online Ordering System eliminates or reduces errors in the ordering process. When restaurants receive orders on the phone or in-person, the potential for mistakes is significant and costly. Not only can employees accidentally enter the wrong price or product, misunderstandings between restaurant staff and customers are common. Whether due to background noise, language barriers, the heightened stress of a busy restaurant or simply custom order misunderstandings, miscommunication can easily occur therein comprising an order and frustrating the customer.

In the new digital economy, more and more restaurants are integrating an Online Ordering System into their business. While consumers have come to expect – and even take for granted online ordering capabilities, restaurant owners are increasingly realizing how adding a Point of Sale system to their website not only enhances customer experience but sets up their business for significant growth by directly affecting sales. Here are two examples of how Online Ordering systems can be an advantage to your business:

As Point of Sale Software and Systems become more sophisticated, POS is becoming the resounding catchword among savvy restaurateurs who can see the many benefits of installing the latest in POS terminals in their eateries – self-ordering kiosks. No longer just the domain of Quick Service Restaurants such as McDonalds, fast casual restaurants are gaining popularity amongst customers by blending the QSR and casual dining experience through their adoption of self-ordering kiosks. Sake Jr, the younger, faster sibling of the iconic Saké Restaurant & Bar, is one such restaurant that is leading the way.

The seamless nature of OrderMate in conjunction with Tyro payments offers feature rich EFTPOS that improves your customers’ payment experience, streamlines your business processes and increases your bottom line. Ensuring that your staff can serve customers faster and give them the service they expect from your hospitality operation. Whether your business is more quick service over the counter or a fine dining restaurant that offers personalised at table service – our integration with Tyro makes sure every payment is securely transacted and information is seamlessly communicated to the Point of Sale terminal.

Caffe Primo recently expanded in the west of Adelaide opening it’s 18th cafe in South Australia with its new venue at West Lakes.

In 1998 the first Caffe Primo store opened its doors to customers in Westfield Tea Tree Plaza as a sole trading family operated business. This stylish and trendy café seating 350 people struggled to meet daily sale targets. With their 25 years of business background, Dino and Lisa Vettese came up with the idea of a meal deal that would set a new trend for generations to come.

Paul & Makeeley Abraham, who most would know from previous ventures Corner Store, Long Lost Friend and Local Crowd, have opened East Borough in the premises previously housing Bar 9 on Glen Osmond Rd in Parkside.

Whilst Paul grew up with restaurants in the family, they felt with a hand in so many businesses that they were spreading themselves a little thin, so sold up, left the industry, and spent a year and a half focussing on their food delivery business for people living with dysphagia, The Caring Kitchen, while they recuperated and kept an eye out for a new spot to start afresh.

When Kevin & Tanny Ponniah began looking at expanding their successful business, In Thais Cafe & Noodle Bar, they were left with the dilemma of “how do we keep an eye on our staff and premises while we’re not there? Don’t get me wrong, we trust our staff, but we know that when the cat’s away the mouse will play!” The solution was the Mobotix Q24 camera.

Mobile internet is quickly passing PC internet in popularity. Morgan Stanley reported that by the end of 2013 more people were using the internet from their iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablet devices like iPads than desktop internet. This means you’re losing over half of your online business because your website isn’t compatible with these mobile devices! Stay ahead of the curve and don’t give the advantage to your competitors. Let us design your mobile site and host it on the web for you.

Over the last decade we’ve experienced a radical shift in the way we seek out information and in the way we shop. 10 years ago people were afraid of buying on the internet. Only a minority of people even had an internet connection. And only a very small minority of people communicated by email. What an astonishing difference a decade makes…

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