In Thais Café Uses Hi Resolution Surveillance Cameras – Remotely

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When Kevin & Tanny Ponniah began looking at expanding their successful business, In Thais Cafe & Noodle Bar, they were left with the dilemma of “how do we keep an eye on our staff and premises while we’re not there? Don’t get me wrong, we trust our staff, but we know that when the cat’s away the mouse will play!” The solution was the Mobotix Q24 camera.

At their Hawthorn store, one 360 degree camera installed on the wall and configured to 180degree  view, was more than enough to cover the entire noodle bar.

At Brighton one camera in the kitchen and one in the restaurant covers the entire premises. Installing the cameras has given Kevin & Tanny the ability and peace of mind to take a well earned break and still check the cameras if needed.

The first night away, Tanny was able to check in with a simple click of the app on her iPhone.

When asked why they had chosen to invest in the Mobotix Q24 camera instead of upgrading their traditional H.264 cameras, Kevin said;

“The fact that ONE camera was all we needed to cover the entire site was perfect and unobtrusive!” He said, “The functionality of the cameras, like being able to go back three weeks and zoom in on the recorded image was something we’ve never had before. Usually the quality of the recordings we get from our old system were unreliable. The quality of the image is fantastic, it’s so clear! I mean, we’ve already shown them off to our friends, that’s how impressed we are with them. I know there’s still more these cameras can do, we aren’t even using them to their full potential yet. There isn’t another camera which could give us everything we wanted. Usually you have to compromise when making a purchase…… not with these though. We got everything we wanted and there’s still more there if we want to unleash these other functions.”

When asked what it was like dealing with PossumIT this is what Kevin had to say; “PossumIT has offered us excellent service from the word go. They have been so accommodating! While we were renovating our new site, the PossumIT staff were more than happy to work with and around the tradies who were on site. As you know, things don’t always run smoothly when doing a reno, but PossumIT were accommodating and help us where ever they could. In short the support and service has been excellent!”

Kevin & Tanny also use a POS system supplied by Possum IT to manage their stores’ activities.

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